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Build A Designer-Handbag Brand - Earn 15-20 Lakhs Per Year!

Learn how to start a designer handbag business - earn lakhs in a year

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The "Build A Designer Handbag Brand" course on the ffreedom app is an all-in-one guide for anyone looking to start a successful designer handbag brand. This comprehensive business course covers all essential aspects of starting a designer handbag business, from design to marketing and sales strategies. With valuable tips on selecting a brand name, creating a logo, and developing a brand identity, individuals can learn the importance of market research and understanding their target audience. The course also covers pricing strategies, wholesale and retail sales, and online marketing tactics to increase sales and revenue.

Pooja Chopra, a well-respected industry expert, serves as a mentor in the course. She shares her unique business ideas, such as creating a distinct handbag design and using sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Additionally, she covers the challenges and opportunities of starting a handbag brand in India, providing valuable insights into the local market and consumer preferences.

With Pooja's guidance and the comprehensive course material, individuals can turn their passion for design into a profitable and successful business. Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to take your existing business to the next level, the "Build A Designer Handbag Brand" course has everything you need to know to succeed. So, if you're ready to launch your dream designer handbag brand, the ffreedom app is the perfect place to start.


Who can take up this course?

  • Entrepreneurs looking to start or expand a handbag business

  • Fashion design students or graduates

  • Small business owners in the fashion industry

  • Homemakers with an interest in fashion and handbags

  • Anyone looking to gain knowledge and skills in the designer handbag industry


What will you learn from this course?

  • How to identify and source high-quality designer handbags for resale

  • Strategies for pricing and marketing designer handbags to potential buyers

  • How to create and maintain a professional online presence for your business

  • Knowledge of designer handbag industry trends and popular brands

  • Understanding of the legal and financial aspects of running a designer handbag business



  • Introduction: Learn about the designer handbag industry and the potential for success in starting your brand.

  • Meet your mentor: Gain valuable insight and guidance from a seasoned expert in the field.

  • Designer handbags business- basic questions: Explore funding options, loans, and government aid to finance your business.

  • Capital requirements, loan, government facilities & insurance: Understand the financial needs for starting and running a designer handbag business, including loan options and government facilities.

  • Location, registrations, permissions, permits & ownership: Learn about the legal requirements for setting up a business, including permits and ownership.

  • Products, infrastructure, procurement, staff, and packaging: Explore the process of sourcing materials, manufacturing, and packaging for designer handbags.

  • Pricing, finance, expenses & profit: Understand the financial aspects of running a business, including expenses, profit, and pricing strategy.

  • Marketing, branding: Learn how to effectively market and establish a strong brand for your designer handbag business.

  • Sales and managing customers: Gain knowledge on managing and selling to customers effectively.

  • Challenges, plans & suggestions by mentor: Be prepared to face challenges and develop a strategy for future growth and expansion of your business.



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