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Foundation Makeup Artist Course

Learn foundation makeup basics for various skin types & face shapes.

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The Foundation Makeup Artist Course is a comprehensive program that teaches individuals how to become skilled makeup artists. The course is taught by makeup expert Raksha Jois on the ffreedom app and covers everything from makeup application to advanced techniques for achieving a flawless finish.

The makeup artist online course begins with a step-by-step guide on makeup, including tips and tricks for achieving a natural look. It then delves into the different types of foundation makeup and how to choose the right one for each client. The course also covers the makeup artist business, including how to market yourself and earn a profit from your services.

Throughout the course, Raksha Jois provides expert guidance and hands-on instruction to help students master the art of makeup application. She shares her industry knowledge and experience, providing students with the tools and skills they need to succeed as foundation makeup artists.

The Foundation Makeup Artist Business Course is perfect for anyone interested in starting a career in makeup artistry or for those looking to enhance their skills. Whether a beginner or an experienced makeup artist, this course will provide you with the knowledge and techniques you need to excel in the industry. With Raksha Jois as your mentor, you will be well on your way to becoming a successful foundation makeup artist.


Who can take up this course?

  • Anyone with an interest in the makeup and beauty industry

  • Professional makeup artists looking to expand their skills

  • Individuals looking to pursue a career in fashion or film/television makeup

  • People who are interested in working in beauty salons, spas, department stores, or other similar environments

  • People who wish to become a freelance makeup artist


What will you learn from this course?

  • The basics of makeup application, including tools and techniques

  • How to create different looks for various occasions, such as weddings and photoshoots

  • Color theory and how to choose the right shades for different skin tones

  • Skincare and how it relates to makeup application

  • Hygiene and sanitation practices for a professional makeup artist



  • Introduction: Dive into the world of foundation artistry
  • Expert Guidance: Get to know your makeup instructor.
  • Understanding Your Features: Learn how to analyze and enhance facial features.
  • The Basics: Foundation 101: Master the art of foundation application
  • Creating Dimension: Enhance your features with Blush, Contour Highlight & Eyebrows techniques
  • Eyes on Point: Learn how to apply makeup for different eye shapes.
  • Perfect Pout: Understanding Lip Shapes & Application: Perfect your lip game.
  • Polishing Your Look: Finish your look with professional techniques.
  • Traditional Beauty: Create traditional bridal looks from North India.
  • Transformation: Learn how to give a fashion-forward makeover.
  • No-Makeup Makeup Look: Achieve a natural, effortless look with makeup.


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