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Healthcare Business Course - Learn to build affordable healthcare!

Empowering the Future of Healthcare: Learn to Build Affordable Solutions

How to start a Healthcare Business in India?
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  • 1
    Course Trailer

    2m 24s

  • 2

    7m 26s

  • 3
    Mentor Introduction- Dr. Devi Shetty

    2m 32s

  • 4
    Building the Best Health Care & Challenges Faced

    6m 10s

  • 5
    Making Quality Health Care Affordable

    6m 31s

  • 6
    Capital access for Health Care

    2m 46s

  • 7
    Affordability of Medical Education


  • 8
    Inflation in Health Care Sector

    6m 10s

  • 9
    Scaling up Health Care Business

    2m 46s


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