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Tailoring Course For Beginners

Learn the basics of tailoring in our beginner-friendly course. Master the skills to create custom garments confidently

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  • 1
    कोर्स ट्रेलर

    1m 58s

  • 2

    6m 44s

  • 3
    Basics of Tailoring

    29m 53s

  • 4
    How to stitch a Neckline ?

    35m 15s

  • 5
    How to draft a basic Kurti pattern ?

    27m 33s

  • 6
    How to cut a Kurti pattern for stitching ?

    9m 20s

  • 7
    How to stitch a Kurti ?

    1h 11m 1s

  • 8
    How To Stitch A Boatneck Kurti?

    53m 59s

  • 9
    How To Stitch A Pajama?

    48m 11s

  • 10
    How To Stitch A Traditional Blouse?

    2h 28m 38s

  • 11
    How To Stitch A Traditional Langa?

    54m 42s

  • 12
    Pattern Making for a Traditional Gown

    17m 38s

  • 13
    Fabric Cutting for a Traditional Gown

    29m 50s

  • 14
    Traditional Gown Stitching

    1h 57m 16s

  • 15
    How To Stitch A Jabla?

    1h 26m 17s

  • 16
    How To Stitch A Basic Frock?

    2h 24m 19s


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