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Floriculture Farming - Earn Up To 30 Lakhs Per Acre

Harvest a Fortune: Learn to Grow and Sell High-Profit Floriculture Crops

What Is Floriculture?
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  • 1

    13m 53s

  • 2
    Introduction of Mentors

    19m 24s

  • 3
    Why Floriculture?

    22m 18s

  • 4
    Floriculture - Basic Questions

    45m 45s

  • 5
    Seed collection and pest control

    33m 24s

  • 6
    Investment in flower cultivation, government benefits

    19m 58s

  • 7
    Profits and challenges in Floriculture

    28m 11s

  • 8
    Cost of labor and expenses

    24m 27s

  • 9
    Flower harvesting, collecting, and packing

    19m 30s

  • 10
    Flower market and export

    17m 35s

  • 11
    Industries that rely on Floriculture

    11m 12s

  • 12
    Market expansion through flower shows

    9m 42s

  • 13
    Final Words

    21m 25s


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