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Prawns Farming Course - Earn 10 lakh/year

Learn the ins and outs of prawn farming, from setup to harvest, and earn up to 10 lakhs/year with this course

How To Start Prawns Farming In India?
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This course includes

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1Hrs 44Min
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Farming Opportunities, Completion Certificate

Are you trying to find a solid and realistic business option that might bring in a sizable profit? Look at our "Prawn Farming Course - Earn 10 Lakhs/Year" for more information. This course offers a thorough overview of establishing and running a successful shrimp farm. It is taught by industry expert and prawn farmer Sunny D’souza who gained popularity because of his use of Israeli technology for farming. 

From understanding the market demand for prawns in India to learning the techniques of prawn cultivation, this course covers all the essential information needed to succeed in the prawn farming industry. You will also learn how to set up and manage your prawn farm, including equipment, staffing, and marketing information.

Starting a new business venture can be a daunting experience, which is why we provide a video to watch and address any fears or doubts about starting a business venture. It is time for you to take the first step towards a successful career in prawn farming by enrolling in this unique and powerful course today.

We understand that starting a new business venture can be daunting, so we provide a course video to watch and address any fears or doubts you may have. Enroll in this unique and powerful course today and take the first step towards a successful career in prawn farming


Who can take up this course?

  • Entrepreneurs looking for new business opportunities

  • Investors interested in the aquaculture industry

  • Farmers seeking to diversify their crop/livestock portfolio

  • Seafood enthusiasts looking to learn more about prawn cultivation

  • Students and professionals in the field of agriculture and aquaculture


What will you learn from this course?

  • The basics of prawn farming and market demand for prawns in India

  • Setting up and managing a prawn farm, including equipment, staffing, and marketing

  • Strategies for maximizing profits and minimizing costs

  • Best practices for maintaining the health and well-being of prawns

  • Techniques for processing and packaging prawns for sale and distribution



  • Introduction to Shrimp Farming Course: Learn about the basics of running a shrimp farm as well as how to scale and manage your shrimps. 
  • Meet Your Mentors: Experts in Shrimp Farming: Our experts will impart abundant knowledge and insights on shrimp farming, including interesting facts about how the industry is developing.
  • Exploring the Advantages and Opportunities of Shrimp Farming: Shrimp farming has several advantages that make it an attractive option for low-income countries. Learn every detail about it.
  • Reaping the Benefits: Understanding the Advantages of Shrimp Farming: Explore the different advantages of shrimp farming. The benefits can be huge, including economies of scale and such.
  • Basic Questions and Required Portfolio for Shrimp Farming: Get an understanding and basic knowledge about how shrimp farming works and the benefits and limitations of this industry. 
  • Building, the Infrastructure for Shrimp Agriculture,: Get hands-on experience in building the infrastructure for shrimp agriculture, from initial species selection and stocking to harvest and processing.
  • Breeds and Food Management in Shrimp Farming: Learn about the many breeds used in aquaculture and how their feeding is controlled.
  • Disease Prevention and Pond Management in Shrimp Farming: Explore the best way to reduce disease-causing organisms in ponds, thus improving your output.
  • Optimizing Shrimp Growth and Harvest: Maximize your yields and profits by learning effective techniques for optimizing shrimp growth and harvest.
  • Staffing and Government Support in Shrimp Farming: Navigating the necessary personnel and government support for successful shrimp farming operation.
  • Marketing and Export Strategies for Shrimp Farming: Learn practical strategies for marketing and exporting shrimp to increase revenue in this module.
  • Final Thoughts and Hopes from Your Mentors: Gain valuable insights and advice from industry experts on the future of shrimp farming and the following steps to success.


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