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Eat Healthy, Be Wealthy!

Improve health and well-being through learning and adopting the best eating habits with this course.

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A healthy life means good health in one's physical, mental, and emotional state. To attain this, it is important to eat well. Our mental well-being also responds to eating nutritious food. A healthy diet should be rich in beneficial nutrients and can help lower the risk of developing several life-threatening, non-contagious illnesses.

The question that often arises when discussing healthy eating is, "I already know what to eat and how to eat; why do I need this course?" If everyone knows how to eat well, why is India the world capital of diabetes and heart disease?

This 17-module course, "Eat Healthy Be Wealthy- A Complete Guide to a Healthy Diet," will help you understand how to start eating healthy. This course gives thorough information on food habits and how to be fit. This course is prepared with the help of experts to guide you through it.  You will learn about a perfectly balanced diet, the appropriate timings for eating, and what constitutes a good food habit based on age and gender. By taking this course, you will better understand the benefits of eating healthy and how to maintain food discipline. Additionally, this course will help you overcome any eating disorders you may have.

According to a WHO report, 1.9 billion individuals are overweight or obese, and 462 million are underweight. 52 million children under age 5 are affected by being skinny and short. This is often caused by not eating the right food at the right time. The information provided in this course will help you overcome problems with obesity and malnutrition. 

KC Raghu, a well-known food expert in India, has been running an organic food company for 25 years. His strong desire to improve people's lives through a holistic approach to food and nutrition ensures that it does not harm any lives on the planet. In this course, he will teach you how to maintain healthy food habits.


Who can take up this course?

  • If you are seeking to improve your health and lead a healthy lifestyle

  • If you desire to break away from harmful food practices and establish healthy dietary habits

  • If you aspire to overcome issues related to obesity and malnutrition

  • If you are uncertain about the appropriate food choices for your age, gender, and climate

  • If you require comprehensive information on a balanced diet, food charts, and the utilization of health apps.


What will you learn from this course?

  • Discover what, when, and how to consume food

  • Understand the benefits and drawbacks of consuming organic, fertilized, raw, and cooked food

  • Learn the benefits of eating healthy impact in your both your physical and financial health

  • Acquire knowledge of appropriate food habits based on age, gender, and climate

  • Uncover the secrets to achieving wealth through maintaining good food habits



  • Introduction- An overview of this course: This module will give you a brief introduction about why eating healthy is essential and what are the impacts of bad food habits on people’s health.

  • Meet your Mentor: Get valuable insights about your mentor who supports you throughout the course and learn about his extensive experience in the food industry.

  • Evolution in Food Habits: Learn how food has shaped our current eating habits and how it has influenced work, culture, daily routines, and other activities.

  • Good Food Habits: Get to know what good food habits are, why they are essential, and how to develop healthier eating habits right away.

  • How to have a balanced diet?: Learn the importance of keeping your diet balanced and essential tips on healthy meal planning, recipes, and shopping lists.

  • Appropriate Mealtime: Timing to have food is a critical concept everyone should understand. Learn which is the right time to have food to be healthy. 

  • Food Discipline: Learn how to create a plan with measurable goals to help you maintain self-control and food discipline.

  • Cooked Food vs Raw Food: Learn how you can benefit from having cooked and raw food. Learn the pros and cons of both sides.

  • Organic Food vs Fertilised Food: Get to know about the merits and demerits of having organic and fertilized food. And which is good for your health.

  • How to eat Climate-Friendly Food?: Discover how climatic changes affect our health and learn suitable food to take with a particular season.

  • Food Chart for Pregnant Women: Know more about the detailed food chart that women should follow during their pregnancy for a healthy baby.

  • Food Habits for Kids: Discover the best food habits for your kids and learn how to create a world of delicious, colorful, and easy-to-eat meals for your kids.

  • Food Habits for Adults: Learn about the food habits for adults that help you to be energetic and foods you can include in your daily diet to become healthier.

  • Health app usage: Discover the usage of health apps to track your health. How to use it effectively to reach your health goal.

  • Anti-aging Food Habits: Learn how food triggers the body's aging process and learn simple changes you can make to your diet to be young.

  • Healthy food habits for women: Learn the food habits that help women be active, happy, and energetic throughout the day.

  • Conclusion: Summarizing food's crucial role in daily life, the key takeaways offer a practical & easy way to maintain a healthy and happy life through healthy food habits.


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