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Stock Market Course - Be An Intelligent Investor

Transform yourself into a Savvy Stock Market Investor, learn the fundamentals, and start investing!

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Stock Market Investment, Completion Certificate

Are you looking to gain a deeper understanding of the stock market and become a more informed investor? Look no further than the "Stock Market Course - Be An Intelligent Investor" on the ffreedom app! This comprehensive 14-module video course will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in the stock market.

By taking this course, you will understand thoroughly how the stock market works, including the mechanics of buying and selling stocks, stock market indices, and market trends. You'll learn why you might want to own stocks and how a broker functions. You will also be able to comprehend exchanges, where stocks are bought and sold, in a comprehensive manner.

In addition to understanding the stock market investment, this course will help you with various investment strategies, including value, growth, and momentum. This will allow you to select the strategy that best meets your investment objectives and risk tolerance.

This stock market course will teach you how to use fundamental and technical analysis to assess the potential of a stock and make informed investment decisions. This course will teach you the abilities needed to manage your investments and achieve long-term financial success.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in the stock market. Enroll in the "Stock Market Course - Be An Intelligent Investor" on the ffreedom app today!


Who Can Take Up The Course? 

  • A beginner's guide to the stock market, this course can help you learn the basics

  • Investors with some experience in the stock market who would like to improve their knowledge and skills

  • Individuals seeking long-term financial growth who want to grow their money over time should consider investing in the stock market

  • People who want to understand the stock market better

  • Helpful for students and professionals in finance and economics


What Will You Learn From The Course? 

  • Discover different stocks available for investment, such as standard, preferred, and penny stocks

  • The distinction between a Demat account, which is used for holding shares in electronic form, and a Trading account

  • The process for opening a Demat and Trading account, including the required documentation and steps to be taken

  • To buy stocks, analyse financial statements, and research the company's management and industry trends

  • Learn about how investment concepts are based on value, growth, and various facets and risks



  • Basics of the stock market :Recognise the basic principles of the stock market and how it operates.
  • Terminologies used in the stock market : Acquire a working knowledge of key stock market jargon. 

  • Types of the stock market and stocks :Become familiar with the different types of stock markets (BSE, NSE, etc.) and available stocks for investment.

  • Introduction to Demat and Trading account : Understand the concepts of Demat and Trading accounts and their uses.

  • How to Open a Demat and Trading account: Find out how to set up a Trading and Demat account.

  • Things to know before opening a Demat and Trading account :  Understand the important things to consider before opening a Demat and Trading account.
  • What moves the market?: Discover how the stock market is affected by various ups and downs.
  • What moves a company? : Learn what drives a company's stock market behaviour.
  • Introduction to Initial public offering (IPO): This video will walk you through the process of buying an IPO and assist you in picking the best company.
  • Difference Between Trading And Investing:Identify the basic differences between Trading and Investing.
  • Futures and Options (F&O): Learn about futures and options and their applications in the stock market.
  • Difference Between Value and Growth Investing: Know the main differences between value and growth investing.
  • How to Choose the Best Stock?: Study techniques for picking up high-quality stocks.
  • Fundamental analysis of IndusInd Bank: Analyse IndusInd Bank's case to better understand how fundamental analysis of stocks works



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