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योग बिज़नेस कोर्स - कमाए 15 लाख/वर्ष

योग बिज़नेस कोर्स - कमाए 15 लाख/वर्ष

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About The Icons: 

Ms Jugnu Agarwal completed her Bachelor’s in Visual Communication and is a trained Yoga instructor for the last 7 years. She is a renowned Yoga instructor on various social media platforms. 

About Business:

Yoga is a way of life that helps to keep your body and mind in peace and harmony. The yoga training business is now a very lucrative business option. Due to the pandemic, most of the world understood the importance of immunity and physical fitness, this is where Yoga comes into play. 

To become a professional Yoga Trainer, one needs a certification course. There are various types of Yoga that one can train like ‘Haath yoga’, ‘Viryaasa Yoga’, Ashtaang Yoga’, ‘Yin Yoga’, ‘Laughter Yoga’ and other modifications of them like ‘Power Yoga’. There are also many associated Yoga Business options like Yoga Merchandise that can be explored. 

Current Customers

Yoga is a form of exercise that meets the needs of all ages from kids to senior citizens. People looking for improved immunity, better body flexibility, the balance of mind and body as well as people looking to regulate their bodies are all potential customers. Many corporate offices hire Yoga instructors to assist their employees with various forms of stress-relieving yoga or chair yoga etc. 

Market Opportunities:

In the year 2019, the market value of the Yoga business was 37.5 billion USD. It is estimated to grow to 66.2 Billion USD by the end of 2027. The growth of this market is a massive CAGR of 9.6%. 

Key Learnings from The Icons:

  • Are the expenses incurred in starting your own yoga business?

The initial capital includes the expense of your certification to be a trained Yoga instructor. You can create your own Yoga studio if you have the space or are on lease. 

  • Are there any alternative options other than a studio for the Yoga business?

One can tie up with corporate offices you hire to train their employees, and can do home visits for yoga training. Online yoga workshops are the latest way to start a yoga business without any additional expense.

  • How to be a good Yoga Trainer?

Understanding your client and knowing their needs is crucial, you have to be patient and most importantly have an in-depth knowledge of Yoga yourself. 


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