Sri Capital

SRI Capital

SRI Capital is an early stage venture capital firm focused on funding innovative startups primarily in the US and in India. The firm typically invests in the service industry. They also look out for global startups that are seeking to enter the US market or the Indian market.

The firm is inclined mainly towards the three broad areas:

  • Enterprise software and deep tech
  • Cross-border innovation to serve the US or Indian markets
  • Indian consumer market
VertExperts Consulting LLP

VertExperts Consulting LLP

VertExperts Consulting LLP is a Bangalore based business consulting partnership that provides Seed / Angel funding & Business incubation services. They nurture small businesses by providing management and strategic business support with the necessary level of initial funding.

Hyderabad Angels

Hyderabad Angels

One of the youngest but the fastest growing angel networks in India, Hyderabad Angels provides a vehicle for the introduction of individual angel investors to potential high growth companies.

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