Vishal Lodhi
Vishal Lodhi
Vishal Lodhi
🏭 Bhola Nursery, Lucknow / Lakhnau
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Meet Vishal Lodhi, the mind behind Bhola Nursery. With Horticulture degrees, thriving ventures, and NDTV's spotlight, he has become a revered educator. Expert in vertical gardening, landscape design, and eco-friendly practices. Learn from his journey and experience.
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About Vishal Lodhi

Vishal Lodhi, the visionary behind 'Bhola Nursery,' a flourishing horticultural venture. Armed with Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Horticulture, coupled with hands-on expertise from his thriving enterprise, Vishal ji stands as a beacon of knowledge. A revered educator, he has adeptly trained numerous enthusiasts in vertical gardening, landscape design, and garden consultancy. Vishal ji's inspiring journey from struggle to triumph featured on NDTV's "Icons of Bharat,"...

... igniting a wave of aspirations nationwide. His influence has emboldened many to venture into Horticulture. Leveraging his profound horticultural insights, he fosters eco-conscious practices and local environmental support. For invaluable guidance on horticulture pursuits, including vertical gardening, landscape design, and holistic consultation, join our mentor Vishal Lodhi's network. Tap into his vast reservoir of experience and receive expert solutions for your every query.

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