Melvin Levis
Melvin Levis
Melvin Levis
🏭 Metro Farm, Bengaluru Rural / Bangalore Rural
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Meet Melvin Levis, a self-made businessman from Harohalli, Bangalore. He came from a farming background and became a successful entrepreneur. The farm has a 30-year history of success that has earned him state recognition. Learn from his experience.
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About Melvin Levis

Melvin Leavis, an animal husbandry expert from Dakshina Kannada, who pursued his dreams in Bangalore. After a successful education abroad, life took a turn. He returned to his homeland, leaving behind his overseas accomplishments. Settling in Bangalore, he invested in land and began sheep farming, witnessing gradual success....

... Year by year, he expanded into pig farming. Today, his combined ventures yield earnings exceeding crores. A beacon of inspiration, Melvin proves that with determination and hard work, farming can lead to remarkable success. He stands as a model for those seeking opportunities in agriculture, turning dreams into prosperous reality.

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