Ramesh  Balutagi
Ramesh  Balutagi
Ramesh Balutagi
🏭 Balutagi Sandalwood Plantation, Koppal
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Meet Ramesh Belutagi, a pioneering sandalwood farmer from Koppal. Ramesh has transformed 5,000 acres of land into prosperity for his community by cultivating sandalwood on just 100 acres. Connect and learn from this remarkable mentor.
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About Ramesh Balutagi

Ramesh Belutagi, a prosperous sandalwood farmer from Kusthagi, Koppal, stands out for his dedication to agriculture amidst educated peers in IT, BT, and abroad. With roots in farming, Ramesh's interest in agriculture blossomed since childhood, diverging from his father's pomegranate background. Opting for a unique path, he cultivated sandalwood...

... across 100 acres, its aroma permeating rain-starved fields. Yet, Ramesh's wealth wasn't his focus; he motivated neighboring farmers to join in, cultivating sandalwood on 5,000 acres and bringing them substantial incomes. Beyond this, he cultivates diverse fruits, approved by nursery department and horticulture board, enriching his community and trade.

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