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Meet Yogesh, an exemplary farmer. He thrives on exotic vegetable farming on his 3.5-acre plot. Using his experience and innovative approaches, he offers valuable insight into land selection, cultivation techniques, and market strategies. Take his guidance and prosper.
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About Yogesh

Yogesh, hailing from Mysore, is a skilled vegetable grower in Karnataka. He's not only cultivated local vegetables but also introduced foreign ones successfully. For around 8-10 years, he has been nurturing exotic veggies like green and red lotuses, pak choi, and Italian basil. His expertise spans leafy and herb...

... varieties, along with salad options such as cherry tomatoes, zucchinis, and cabbages. With over 100 types of exotic vegetables, Yogesh boasts extensive experience in foreign cultivation, even profiting from lemon grass. He's well-versed in contract farming and serves as an excellent guide for those embarking on a similar journey.

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