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Bringing Fishermen and Fish Farmers to the Global Market

Sustainable Plan for Indian fish farmers to Create Better Food and Better Lives. The summit aims to inspire fish farmers to grow their businesses. We will provide specialist information about fish breeds and production technologies to help farmers raise their yield and market development through greater productivity and value. The fisheries industry is growing, not just because of the influx of new technology. The fish farmers will benefit from the expert panel and various case introspections of sustainable farming approaches at the summit.

Fish producers will gain knowledge about fish farming's latest techniques at the summit. Fish producers nowadays use aquaculture to grow their fish, so they don't need to rely on other countries for their supplies. Due to this, they are at the top of their game to keep up with quantity and quality, which has led to an increase in demand for particular kinds of fish. Nowadays, fish producers are also looking at ways to increase production without increasing cost or environmental impact. For example, some companies use environmental-friendly methods like ocean farming and aquaponics—which involves growing plants inside fish tanks—to produce more food with less waste than traditional systems. A wave of innovation will be brought to the fisheries sector by these innovative approaches and techniques. So, to help this effort succeed, we kindly ask for your presence and support.

Fish farm

Objectives of the summit

Fish Producers Summit is a unique effort that will train over 8000 farmers

Opportunities for farmers to invest in fish farming through government programs in India

Technologies used in the production of commercial feed

Training in a range of fish farming topics, including fish breeds, fish feed, technologies, and value addition

Technology used in inland fish farming - RAS, biofloc, pond culture

Value addition for fish

Market linkage

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