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Dance Academy Business - Earn Up To 1 Lakh Per Month

Unlock the potential! Learn how to launch and expand your lucrative dancing school to make up to one lakh per month.

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Dance Academy Business Online Course
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  • 1

    11m 23s

  • 2
    Meet Your Mentor

    5m 3s

  • 3
    Making a Business Plan

    18m 28s

  • 4
    Initial Capital, Loan, and Government Support

    6m 5s

  • 5
    Licenses, Permission, and Certification

    4m 59s

  • 6
    Right Location & Staff

    11m 51s

  • 7
    Annual Profit and Turnover

    7m 49s

  • 8
    Marketing and Branding

    11m 44s

  • 9
    Customer Retention

    7m 7s

  • 10
    Challenges to Face

    6m 42s


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