What is ffreedom?

"We are on a mission to assist millions of individuals in becoming financially independent by minimizing their reliance on others and helping them develop a livelihood," said CS Sudheer, founder, and CEO of the ffreedom app.

The main objective of our company is to help people in attaining financial freedom by getting vocational training and knowledge in various sectors such as farming, setting up businesses, and becoming aware of personal finance schemes and policies.

Our team works diligently to provide knowledge on the topics which can help in boosting the living standard of people by providing them economic security. Most of our modules are crafted in a way that feels personalized, plus to ensure proper guidance, and understanding a mentor is provided.

Our Office

Our office is located at “Brigade Software Park, Banashankari” which is a prime location for various hardware and software companies, surrounded by greens, and provides a peaceful and serene working environment to all our employees. Moreover, it has good connectivity with the rest of the city due to the presence of Banashankari metro station which is at a walkable distance from the office.

Apart from this, at ffreedom, we make sure to provide a positive and encouraging environment to our workforce, as we believe that only a sound mind will give sound results. We strive to build a comfortable environment for the team, where no one feels left out or neglected and everyone is valued and heard.

Core values

Our main motive is to transform your dreams into goals and empower you to achieve them. We believe in serving anyone who is striving for a better life, in the best possible way. To summarize, our mission is to "share knowledge & opportunities". We treat our customers as if they are members of our family because we want them to embrace ffreedom as a way of life, just as we do every day.

Few words from our CEO

"ffreedom is a platform for anyone seeking an opportunity to build a stable career in order to succeed in their livelihoods through replicable and verified knowledge and frameworks. We are transforming ourselves into a social ecosystem with the sole focus of transforming our customers' lives and making them successful by converging content, community, and commerce into the ffreedom platform."

- CS Sudheer (founder and CEO, ffreedom)

Employee benefits

We put a lot of emphasis on work-life balance, we believe it’s important to maintain a healthy work-life along with personal life, and for this, we ensure that the timings are fixed and our employees are never overworked. This way we encourage our workforce to indulge in creative hobbies and hustles. Apart from this, our company maintains all the necessary information that is needed by the employees at all times so that no one feels misinformed or left out regarding any important information, as a result, everyone would be able to give their best output.

Our Achievements

Through ffreedom, 76,71,599 individuals have attained Financial Freedom by gaining knowledge from and benefiting from the experience of real-life heroes. Everybody has unrestricted access to 25 Goals, 885+ Courses, 10568 Video Sessions, and all communities in 6 languages thanks to our app. We make sure that customers have unrestricted access to our market, customized family financial planning, and unrestricted access to all of our digital events.