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 1Hrs 53Min

Saloon & Spa Business-Earn over 50k to 1 lakh per month

Learn how to effortlessly produce a large profit by opening your own salon and spa.

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  • 1
    Course Trailer

    2m 22s

  • 2

    13m 40s

  • 3
    Meet Your Mentor

    1m 12s

  • 4
    Saloon and Spa- Basic Questions

    10m 54s

  • 5
    Capital, Loan and Government Facility

    10m 8s

  • 6
    Registration, License and Permission

    5m 48s

  • 7
    Choosing a location

    5m 52s

  • 8
    Staff and Hiring Process

    10m 47s

  • 9
    Interior and Exterior Designing, Equipments

    8m 11s

  • 10
    Special Services and Menu Design

    7m 30s

  • 11
    Marketing and Branding

    13m 32s

  • 12
    Expenses and Profit

    9m 40s

  • 13
    Business Expansion and Replication

    5m 44s

  • 14
    Challenges and Suggestions by Mentor

    8m 33s


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