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Sea Bass Fish Farming- Earn more than 5 crores

Learn how to earn money without learning about profitable sea bass fish farming from our mentors!

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  • 1

    6m 55s

  • 2
    Meet your Mentor

    1m 50s

  • 3
    Basic Information

    8m 25s

  • 4
    Ecosystem to start sea bass farming

    9m 27s

  • 5
    Capital govt support registration & licence requirement

    11m 33s

  • 6
    Sea bass species - types & advantages

    7m 56s

  • 7
    How to start baby sea bass fish farming from the scratch

    17m 51s

  • 8
    Choosing a Location

    9m 50s

  • 9
    Ponds or tanks and equipments

    10m 32s

  • 10
    Feeding and caring, Stpcking Density

    7m 41s

  • 11
    Baby Sea Bass Breeding structure

    4m 54s

  • 12

    6m 47s

  • 13
    Marketing, Online/Offline Sales

    6m 31s

  • 14
    Demand, Expenses & Profit

    5m 36s

  • 15
    Final words

    4m 12s


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