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A guide to Personal Finance for Farmers

Gain agricultural stability by learning how to build and protect your wealth!

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  • 1
    Course Trailer

    2m 10s

  • 2

    14m 53s

  • 3
    How to Separate Personal Finance and Farm Finance

    23m 39s

  • 4
    How can Farmers cut down on their input Costs

    16m 52s

  • 5
    How can Farmers reduce their initial Capital Expenditure

    12m 4s

  • 6
    How can Farmers avoid taking Loans or repay existing Loans easily

    15m 28s

  • 7
    How can Farmers get the best price for their Produce

    11m 12s

  • 8
    How can Farmers Create Multiple Sources of Income


  • 9
    Investment options for Farmers

    9m 8s

  • 10
    Risk Management solutions for Farmers

    8m 15s


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