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Mutual Funds Course - Make your money work for you!

Invest in mutual funds easily and reap the benefits of securing your finances.

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  • 1
    Course Trailer

    1m 56s

  • 2
    Introduction To Mutual Funds

    17m 14s

  • 3
    Mutual Fund Terminologies

    40m 41s

  • 4
    How To Invest In Mutual Funds?

    10m 29s

  • 5
    Difference Between Stocks And Mutual Funds

    11m 24s

  • 6
    Types Of Mutual Funds

    21m 20s

  • 7
    How To Choose The Best Mutual Fund? (Theory)

    7m 27s

  • 8
    How To Choose The Best Mutual Fund? (Practical)

    28m 10s

  • 9
    Paytm Money App Demo

    8m 44s


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