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Fish Farming Course - Earn 2 lakh/month

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3 hr (11 Chapters)
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About course

Dive into the exciting world of fish farming with our comprehensive Fish Farming Course, now available on the ffreedom app! This course is perfect for anyone interested in starting a fish farming business or expanding their existing knowledge of aquaculture and fish culture.

With expert guidance from Dr. A.V. Swamy, an experienced assistant professor in the Department of Fisheries, and inspiring success stories from Thimmappa, Madhu, Amar D'Souza, and Vinay, you'll gain a deep understanding of fish rearing and how to succeed in the fish farming industry.

Learn how Madhu from Shimoga Sagar bought land in Chikmagalur and successfully started fish farming with a homestay business, and how Amar D'Souza of Chikmagalur achieved success in integrated farming by combining pig farming and fish farming with coffee cultivation. Vinay, a civil engineer by profession, will also share his knowledge of using new technology in fish farming to increase profits.

Through our Fish Farming Training, you'll develop the skills and knowledge necessary to start and grow a successful fish farming business. Learn about the latest innovations in fish farming and discover how to maximize your profits by minimizing expenses.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to turn your passion for fish farming into a thriving business. Sign up for our Fish Farming Course today and start reaping the benefits of this exciting and lucrative industry!


Chapters in this course
11 Chapters | 3 hr
10m 15s
Chapter 1
Introduction of the course

Get an overview of the course and learn about the importance of fish farming in today's world.

10m 47s
Chapter 2
Introduction to the guides

Meet experienced mentors and learn from their journeys in fish farming.

12m 27s
Chapter 3
Portfolio and registration

Understand the financial requirements for starting a fish farm and the registration process.

13m 45s
Chapter 4
The privileges to get from the government

Learn about government schemes and subsidies that can benefit your fish farming business.

34m 50s
Chapter 5
Basic questions and infrastructure

Get answers to common questions and learn about the basic infrastructure required for fish farming.

15m 37s
Chapter 6
Selection of fish breeds

Learn about different fish species suitable for farming and how to choose the right one for your farm.

12m 42s
Chapter 7
Fish food

Learn about the nutritional requirements of fish and how to provide them with a balanced diet.

20m 23s
Chapter 8
Profit and Challenges

Discover the benefits of fish farming and the challenges you may face in the industry.

14m 2s
Chapter 9
Diseases and Treatment

Learn about common diseases that affect fish and how to prevent and treat them.

13m 58s
Chapter 10
Marketing system

Understand the fish market and the different ways to sell your fish, including direct selling and wholesale.

18m 41s
Chapter 11
Your advice to fisheries

Get expert advice on how to succeed in fish farming and grow your business.

Who can take up this course?
  • Entrepreneurs are interested in starting a fish farming business.
  • Farmers looking to diversify their income streams.
  • Individuals are interested in aquaculture and fish culture.
  • Anyone seeking to expand their knowledge of fish rearing and fish farming business.
  • Civil engineers and other professionals seeking to explore the field of fish farming.
What will you learn from the course?
  • How to start and manage a successful fish farming business
  • The latest innovations and technology in fish farming
  • Techniques for maximizing profits while minimizing expenses
  • The basics of fish rearing and aquaculture
  • Strategies for successfully integrated farming with fish, pigs, and coffee cultivation
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Fish Farming Course - Earn 2 lakh/month
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Fish Farming Course - Earn 2 lakh/month

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