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Kids Wear Business - Earn upto Rs 2 Lakh from Home

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1 hr 17 min (11 Chapters)
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About course

Kids Wear Business is a course offered on the ffreedom app that teaches individuals how to start their own kid's apparel business from the comfort of their homes. With the increasing demand for kid's clothing, the kid's wear business is a lucrative opportunity for those who want to turn their passion for fashion into a profitable venture. Ashtha Sharma, a mentor, and expert in the field, teaches the course.

The course covers starting a kid's wear business, including market research, product sourcing, and marketing strategies. It also provides insights into the latest trends in kids' clothing and how to create a brand that appeals to the target audience. The course emphasizes the importance of quality and comfort in kid's clothing and how to ensure that the products meet safety and durability standards.

Starting the business, the course also covers how to profit from it. It provides tips on pricing strategies, cost management, and scaling the growth business. The course also covers the legal and financial aspects of starting a kid's wear business, including registering the business, obtaining licenses and permits, and managing taxes.

In conclusion, "Kids Wear Business" is a comprehensive course that provides individuals with the tools and knowledge they need to start and grow successful kid's wear businesses. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting, this course is a great way to learn about the kid's apparel business and how to turn your passion for kid's clothing into a profitable venture.

Chapters in this course
11 Chapters | 1 hr 17 min
14m 21s
Chapter 1

provides a general overview of the course

4m 10s
Chapter 2
Meet Your Mentors

introduction to instructors of the course

7m 51s
Chapter 3
Kids Apparel Business Basic Questions

covers fundamental questions about the kid’s apparel business.

6m 22s
Chapter 4
Capital Requirements, Loan, Government Facilities & Insurance

Discusses the funding and insurance options for the kid’s apparel business

4m 38s
Chapter 5
Choosing a Location

factors to consider when choosing a location for the kids apparel business

5m 51s
Chapter 6
Equipments, Staff & Hiring Process

the equipment and staffing needs for the kid’s apparel business and the hiring process

3m 8s
Chapter 7
Registrations, Permissions, Licenses & Ownership

covers the legal requirements for starting a kids apparel business

3m 58s
Chapter 8

explains the process of procuring materials and supplies for the kid’s apparel business

5m 46s
Chapter 9
Marketing & Branding and Customer Service.

the marketing and customer service strategies for the kid’s apparel business

8m 16s
Chapter 10
Expenses & Profit and Challenges

costs and potential profits of the kid’s apparel business, as well as potential challenges

10m 31s
Chapter 11
A Mother's Perspective On Kids Apparel

Learn how to get your kid's clothing business up and running by using the instincts and wisdom of a parent, as well as practical expertise.

Who can take up this course?
  • Parents or guardians who want to start kids wear business from home
  • Entrepreneurs who want to expand their existing business to include kid’s wear
  • Stay-at-home individuals who want to start a business
  • Freelancers or gig workers who want to diversify their income streams
  • Fashion design students or professionals looking to specialize in kids' wear
What will you learn from the course?
  • The basics of starting a kids' wear business from home
  • The importance of market research and target audience identification
  • Tips for sourcing fabrics, materials, and suppliers
  • How to design and develop a product line
  • Best practices for setting up a home-based production studio
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Kids Wear Business - Earn upto Rs 2 Lakh from Home

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