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Organic Coconut Farming - Earn Up To 15 Lakhs Per Year

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2 hr 9 min (15 Chapters)
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About course

Organic Coconut Farming is an agricultural practice that focuses on producing coconut crops in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. The goal of organic coconut farming is to grow high-quality, nutritious coconut products while minimizing the negative impact on the environment.

The course on Organic Coconut Farming, available on the ffreedom app, teaches individuals how to start their own organic coconut farming business and profit from it. Mentor Chandragirish, an expert in organic coconut cultivation, teaches this comprehensive course.

You will learn about growing and cultivating coconut trees in the course, including the best soil preparation, planting, and maintenance methods. You will also learn about the challenges involved in organic coconut farming and how to overcome them.

Organic farming in coconut production is becoming increasingly popular due to growing concerns about the environment and the health benefits of organic products. By following the principles of organic coconut farming, you can help protect the environment, reduce harmful chemicals, and produce high-quality, nutritious coconut products that are good for you and the planet.

Overall, the organic coconut farming course on the ffreedom app is a valuable resource for anyone interested in starting their own organic coconut farming business and contributing to developing a more sustainable and environmentally friendly food system.

Chapters in this course
15 Chapters | 2 hr 9 min
10m 14s
Chapter 1

An overview of the module, including the purpose and content

Chapter 2
Meet Your Mentor

Introduced to the mentor and their background and experience.

16m 1s
Chapter 3
Organic Coconut Farming– Basic Questions

An overview of the fundamentals of organic coconut farming, including common questions and answers.

10m 27s
Chapter 4
Capital Requirement & Government Support

Information on the financial requirements and government support available for organic coconut farming

9m 47s
Chapter 5
Land, Soil & Climate

An examination of the land, soil, and climate requirements for organic coconut farming

7m 18s
Chapter 6
Varieties of Coconut & Selection of Sapling

Information on the different varieties of coconut and the process of selecting the right sapling for farming

6m 26s
Chapter 7
Land Preparation & Plantation

A guide to preparing the land and planting the coconut saplings.

14m 48s
Chapter 8
Irrigation, Manure & Labor Requirements

Information on the irrigation, manure, and labor requirements for organic coconut farming.

9m 43s
Chapter 9
Diseases & Pests Management

A guide to managing diseases and pests in organic coconut farming.

5m 51s
Chapter 10
A to Z process of Organic Coconut Farming

An overview of the complete process of organic coconut farming, from start to finish

6m 1s
Chapter 11
Pre & Post Harvest Care

Caring for the coconut crops before and after harvest

7m 46s
Chapter 12
Marketing & Export

Information on marketing and exporting organic coconuts

4m 13s
Chapter 13
Value addition of Organic Coconut

An examination of the various ways to add value to organic coconuts

7m 22s
Chapter 14
Expenses & Profit

Expenses and potential profits involved in organic coconut farming.

9m 43s
Chapter 15
Challenges & Suggestions by Mentor

Challenges and suggestions provided by the mentor

Who can take up this course?
  • Individuals interested in organic farming and agriculture
  • Small and marginal farmers looking to switch to organic farming
  • Anyone with an interest in organic farming and sustainable agriculture
  • Entrepreneurs looking to start an organic farming venture
  • Agricultural graduates and student
What will you learn from the course?
  • Organic farming principles and practices
  • Soil preparation and management
  • Coconut tree biology and growth habits
  • Methods for propagating and planting coconut trees
  • Market analysis and business planning for coconut farming
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Organic Coconut Farming - Earn Up To 15 Lakhs Per Year

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