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Organic Farming Guide for Small Farmers

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2 hr 25 min (11 Chapters)
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About course

Are you ready to take your farming practices to the next level? With the organic farming revolution taking over the world, the demand for healthy and sustainable food sources has never been higher. This course is designed to help you meet this demand and positively impact the world.

With practical and replicable techniques, this course is designed for anyone looking to start or expand their organic farming venture. Our experienced mentor, Kumara Garu, the IT professional turned organic farmer with a 19-acre organic farm will share his knowledge and expertise. This course not only covers the theory of organic farming but also the practical application, making it a reliable source of knowledge for you to draw from.

This course offers a wide range of advantages. You'll be able to supply your consumers with top-notch, organic produce in addition to increasing your revenue. This course will equip you with the skills necessary to take advantage of the multiple opportunities presented by the burgeoning organic agricultural business.

We, at ffreedom app, recognize that establishing a new venture can be intimidating, but this course will help you overcome your fear of the unknown. To see the potential of this course and the effects it can have on your life, please view the course video. What are you still holding out for? Earn up to 1.2 lakhs per acre by joining the organic agricultural movement!

Chapters in this course
11 Chapters | 2 hr 25 min
9m 7s
Chapter 1

Learn the basics and advantages of organic farming in today's world.

Chapter 2
Meet your mentor

Get to know our expert farmer and mentor, Kumara Guru.

18m 4s
Chapter 3
Organic Farming- Basic Questions

Examine the foundational issues of organic farming. e.g., what is organic farming, outline the agricultural method step-by-step, etc.

16m 20s
Chapter 4
Capital Requirement, Government Subsidy & License

Discover the capital requirements and government subsidies available for organic farming.

20m 7s
Chapter 5
Climate, Plantation & Labour Requirement

Learn about the impact of climate on your organic farm.

16m 18s
Chapter 6
Land Preparation

Master the art of preparing your land for a successful organic farm.

11m 33s
Chapter 7
Irrigation, Fertilizers & Disease Management

Get tips on efficient irrigation and disease management in organic farming.

13m 57s
Chapter 8
Harvest, Package & Transport

Learn about harvesting, packaging, transportation, and marketing of organic produce.

16m 38s
Chapter 9
Demand, Supply Chain, Marketing & Exporting

Learn how to create demand, manage the supply chain, and export organic produce. Boost your income.

5m 8s
Chapter 10
Income & Expense

Track your profits & expenses, analyze your organic farming business, and make informed decisions for growth.

14m 38s
Chapter 11

Overcome common challenges in organic farming and ensure long-term success. Stay ahead of the competition.

Who can take up this course?
  • Farmers seeking sustainable and profitable agriculture practices
  • Entrepreneurs looking for a niche in the organic produce market
  • Individuals interested in the health and environmental benefits of organic farming
  • Agricultural students seeking practical knowledge
  • Small-scale farmers aspiring for increased profits
What will you learn from the course?
  • Organic farming techniques & practices
  • Sustainable agriculture strategies
  • Market Analysis & customer demand
  • Building & managing an organic farm
  • Maximizing profits through organic farming in India
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Organic Farming Course- Earn up to 1.2 lakhs per acre!
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Organic Farming Guide for Small Farmers

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