Course Trailer: Prawns Farming - Earn 14 Lakh Profit/Hectare/Year. Watch to know more.

Prawns Farming - Earn 14 Lakh Profit/Hectare/Year

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2 hr 56 min (12 Chapters)
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About course

Are you looking for a profitable business idea? Look no further than prawn farming! With our Prawn Farming Course, you can earn up to 14 lakhs in profit per hectare per year. This course offers in-depth knowledge and practical skills needed to start and grow your own prawn farm.

Our course provides comprehensive training on prawn farming in India, covering everything from prawn cultivation to marketing and selling. With detailed modules, practical guidance and reliable information, anyone can replicate and succeed in this business.

Our mentor, Mr. Srinivas Rao, is a seasoned expert in the field of prawn farming with years of experience. He has successfully helped many aspiring entrepreneurs start their own profitable prawn farming businesses.

This Prawn Farming Course covers various aspects such as selecting the right species, pond preparation, feeding, water quality management, and disease control. It also covers marketing and selling strategies to help you reach customers and increase your profits.

By taking this course, you will learn the step-by-step process of starting and operating a successful prawn farming business, as well as gain the confidence and knowledge needed to tackle any challenges that may arise.

With the booming market for prawn farming in India, there are plenty of opportunities to be explored. Our course provides you with the tools and skills to tap into this lucrative market and start your own successful prawn farming business.

If you have any concerns or questions, watch our course video in the ffreedom app and get all the answers you need to make an informed decision about this exciting business opportunity.

Chapters in this course
12 Chapters | 2 hr 56 min
12m 51s
Chapter 1

Unlock the secrets to becoming a successful prawn farmer with our comprehensive Prawn Farming Course.

7m 29s
Chapter 2
Meet your Mentor

Meet our expert mentorswho have years of experience in the prawn farming industry and can guide you towards success.

9m 52s
Chapter 3
Types of Shrimp Farming

Learn about different methods of shrimp farming and choose the one that suits your needs and resources.

11m 57s
Chapter 4

Understand the importance of water, soil, and climate conditions for successful shrimp farming.

15m 50s
Chapter 5
Required Capital and Govt. Facility

Discover the financial requirements and government facilities needed to start your own prawn farm.

Chapter 6
Pond Construction, Required Equipment

Learn how to construct a pond and select the necessary equipment for efficient shrimp farming.

16m 38s
Chapter 7
Breed Selection and Care

Learn how to select the right breeds and take care of your prawns to ensure maximum yield.

34m 40s
Chapter 8
Food, Oxygen, Labor and Disease Control

Master the techniques of feeding, providing oxygen, and controlling diseases to keep your prawns healthy and maximize profits.

15m 7s
Chapter 9
Harvesting and Post-processing

Learn how to harvest, process and store your prawns to ensure quality and freshness.

10m 28s
Chapter 10
Demand, Sales and Marketing

Explore the market and find the right sales and marketing strategies to sell your prawns.

16m 8s
Chapter 11
Income, Expenditure and Profit

Learn how to calculate your income, expenditure and profit to make informed business decisions.

6m 32s
Chapter 12
Challenges and Final Words

Understand the common challenges and misconceptions associated with shrimp farming and learn how to overcome them for a successful prawn farming business.

Who can take up this course?
  • Entrepreneurs looking to start a new business venture in prawn farming
  • Existing prawn farmers seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge
  • Individuals interested in sustainable and profitable farming practices
  • Investors seeking to invest in the profitable prawn farming industry
  • Anyone looking to learn about the science and techniques of prawn farming
What will you learn from the course?
  • How to set up a prawn farm and manage it effectively
  • Techniques for prawn cultivation and culture in India
  • Understanding the market demand and opportunities for prawn farming
  • Management of prawn health, feeding and harvesting
  • Maximizing profitability through cost-effective strategies
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Prawns Farming - Earn 14 Lakh Profit/Hectare/Year

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