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Start Terrace Garden Business - Earn from your Roof Top

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1 hr 15 min (12 Chapters)
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About course

Have you ever thought of your garden, which gives you mesmerizing greenery and beautiful flowers? It could also give you fresh organic vegetables and fruits and the most freshness. If you did, this is the best place for you to be. 

Terrace gardening is a growing trend in urban areas, offering a sustainable way to grow fresh produce and create green spaces. This course teaches you how to turn your terrace garden into a thriving business.

You'll learn how to meet customer demand and run a reliable operation with practical and replicable techniques. A seasoned mentor teaches the course with a successful track record in terrace gardening and entrepreneurship.

This comprehensive course covers everything from garden design and plant selection to marketing and financial management. You'll learn how to turn your passion for gardening into a profitable business that benefits you and the environment.

Opportunities abound in the world of terrace gardening as more and more people seek access to fresh, locally-sourced produce and urban green spaces. Don't let fear hold you back - watch the course video to see how you can turn your terrace garden into a thriving business.

Chapters in this course
12 Chapters | 1 hr 15 min
6m 55s
Chapter 1

Get an overview of the course and introduces participants to the concept of starting a terrace gardening business.

3m 54s
Chapter 2
Meet your Mentor

Meet Bala Subramanyam, a successful entrepreneur in the field of gardening, and learn about his background, experiences, and expertise.

7m 22s
Chapter 3
Terrace Garden – FAQs

Explore frequently asked questions about terrace gardening, including the benefits, challenges, and opportunities of starting a terrace garden business

6m 10s
Chapter 4
What can be Grown in a Terrace Garden?

Know the different types of crops that can be grown in a terrace garden and provide tips and strategies for successful gardening.

5m 53s
Chapter 5
Capital, Registration, Permissions, Loan & Government Facility

Learn about the funding options, legal requirements, and necessary permits and licenses for starting a terrace gardening business.

7m 55s
Chapter 6
Space & Other Infrastructure Requirements

Discover the infrastructure and space requirements for starting a terrace garden business

4m 46s
Chapter 7
Labour Requirement

Learn the importance of managing labor effectively

4m 19s
Chapter 8
Climate, Green House, Seasonality & Crop Sourcing Seeds Selection

Discover how climate and seasonality impact crop selection and growth in a terrace garden, and learn about the process of sourcing seeds and plants.

8m 28s
Chapter 9
Sourcing the Plants- Organic v/s Chemical Fertilizers & Pest Control

Understand the different options for sourcing plants, seeds, soil, and water, including the pros and cons of organic and chemical fertilizers and pest control.

6m 43s
Chapter 10
Soil & Water

Find out how to optimize soil health and implement water management policies that will help you achieve success in your terrace garden business.

5m 4s
Chapter 11
Marketing & Sales (B2B & B2C

Learn about your terrace garden business's various marketing and sales strategies, including B2B and B2C methods.

6m 2s
Chapter 12
Final Words & Challenges

Discuss the common challenges faced by terrace gardeners and provide tips for overcoming obstacles and achieving success.

Who can take up this course?
  • Home garden enthusiasts
  • People interested in green entrepreneurship
  • Individuals looking for ways to monetize their terrace garden
  • Stay-at-home parents or individuals looking for a home-based business
  • Students or individuals seeking hands-on experience in starting a business
What will you learn from the course?
  • The basics of starting a terrace garden business, including market research, business planning, and budgeting
  • Strategies for maximizing the use of limited space in a terrace garden
  • Techniques for growing a variety of crops, including vegetables, herbs, and ornamental plants
  • Methods for marketing and selling your products, such as online platforms, farmers' markets, and direct-to-consumer sales
  • Tips for a sustainable and environmentally friendly terrace garden
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Start a Business From Your Terrace Garden
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Start Terrace Garden Business - Earn from your Roof Top

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