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Wedding Photography Business - Earn up to 30 Lakhs per Year

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1 hr 36 min (13 Chapters)
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About course

Wedding Photography Business Course is an online course available on the ffreedom app that provides an in-depth understanding of how to start and run a successful wedding photography business. The course is taught by Ravi Devdar, a renowned wedding photographer and mentor in India.

Wedding photography is a lucrative business in India, with a growing demand for professional photographers to capture memories of the most important day in a couple's life. The course covers a wide range of topics, from the basics of wedding photography to advanced techniques and business strategies.

The course focuses on the essential steps involved in initiating a wedding photography business. It covers the essential steps required to establish a successful wedding photography business, including equipment selection, marketing strategies, and client management.

The course also provides valuable insights into wedding photography business ideas, such as offering pre-wedding photoshoots, bridal portraits, and photo albums. This helps individuals who are looking to start a wedding photography business diversify their services and increase their profits.

In conclusion, the Wedding Photography Business Course is a comprehensive and practical guide to starting a successful wedding photography business in India. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced photographer, this course provides the knowledge and skills needed to build a thriving business.

Chapters in this course
13 Chapters | 1 hr 36 min
4m 15s
Chapter 1

an overview and provides the fundamental knowledge or background information necessary to understand the topic or subject matter covered in the course

6m 48s
Chapter 2
Meet Your Mentor

introducing mentor assigned for the duration of the course or program

8m 35s
Chapter 3
Why Wedding Photography Business?

reasons why one may choose to start a wedding photography business, the challenges and opportunities in the field, and the skills and qualities necessary for success

6m 40s
Chapter 4
Capital Requirements

minimum amount of capital that a financial institution or a bank is required to hold in reserve to meet its financial obligations and to ensure its stability

4m 18s
Chapter 5
Ownership, Registration and Permission

The concepts of owning, registering, and gaining permission for various assets or resources

5m 41s
Chapter 6
Location & Space Requirements

identifying and evaluating the specific physical location and spatial requirements for various types of projects, organizations, or activities.

6m 38s
Chapter 7
Cameras & Other Equipment

types of cameras available, the different components of a camera, the functions and settings of a camera, and use such as lenses, tripods, lighting, and audio

6m 22s
Chapter 8

covers topics such as service design, service marketing, customer service, service operations, and service quality

6m 37s
Chapter 9

focuses on the process of identifying, attracting, selecting, and hiring employees to fill positions within an organization

10m 30s
Chapter 10
Pricing, Profit Margin & Cost

covers topics such as determining the cost of goods sold, understanding the factors that impact profit margins,

9m 26s
Chapter 11
Marketing & Online Presence

focuses on teaching viewers about the principles and practices of marketing in the digital age

Chapter 12
Competition and Challenges

impact of competition on businesses and organizations, as well as strategies for overcoming challenges and competing effectively.

7m 31s
Chapter 13

final part of a course, project, or presentation that summarizes the main points and results

Who can take up this course?
  • Individuals interested in starting a wedding photography business or enhancing their existing skills
  • Aspiring photographers who want to specialize in wedding photography
  • Photographers with some experience looking to expand their services
  • Freelance photographers seeking to gain credibility and credibility in the wedding photography market
  • Wedding planners or coordinators who want to learn more about wedding photography to better assist their clients 
What will you learn from the course?
  • Fundamentals of wedding photography, including styles, techniques, and equipment
  • Business and marketing strategies for attracting and retaining clients
  • Legal considerations, such as contracts, liability insurance, and copyright laws
  • Pricing and negotiation skills for weddings and other events
  • Planning and preparation for a wedding photography shoot
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Wedding Photography Business - Earn up to 30 Lakhs per Year

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