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Beauty Parlor / Salon Business – Start From Your Home.

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1 hr 57 mins (11 Chapters)
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About course

This course, "Beauty Parlor/Salon Business - Start From Your Home," is led by experienced mentor Subhasini, a successful beauty parlor owner. The course is designed to provide practical and reliable information that can be replicated by anyone looking to start their beauty business from home. One of the key reasons for taking this course is the current market demand for beauty services. With more and more people looking to improve their appearance and feel good about themselves, the demand for beauty services is higher than ever before. This course will give you the knowledge and skills to tap into this growing market and start your own successful business.

Chapters in this course
11 Chapters | 1 hr 57 mins
8m 26s
Chapter 1


Chapter 2
Meet your mentor

உங்கள் வழிகாட்டியை சந்திக்கவும்

11m 28s
Chapter 3
Beauty parlour business - Basic questions

அழகு நிலையம் வணிகம் - அடிப்படை கேள்விகள்

17m 43s
Chapter 4
Capital, Loan, Registration and license

மூலதனம், கடன், பதிவு மற்றும் உரிமம்

11m 55s
Chapter 5
Location and Equipment

இடம் மற்றும் உபகரணங்கள்

14m 6s
Chapter 6
Products and Tools

தயாரிப்புகள் மற்றும் கருவிகள்

9m 32s
Chapter 7
Services, Catalogue and pricing

சேவைகள், பட்டியல் மற்றும் விலை

12m 42s
Chapter 8
Staff management

பணியாளர் மேலாண்மை

9m 21s
Chapter 9


9m 39s
Chapter 10
Income and profit

வருமானம் மற்றும் லாபம்

11m 35s
Chapter 11
Challenges and conclusion

சவால்கள் மற்றும் முடிவு

Who can take up this course?
  • Experienced beauty professionals looking to expand their business
  • Entrepreneurs looking for a new business opportunity in the beauty industry
  • Non-beauty professionals who want to take up a career in the beauty industry
  • Anyone who wants to provide beauty services in their own home or salon
  • For those who want to learn about the latest trends and techniques in the beauty industry
What will you learn from the course?
  • The basics of running a beauty parlor business, including management, marketing, and customer service
  • The different types of services that a beauty parlor can offer, such as hair cutting, coloring, styling, and makeup
  • How to select the right equipment and products for your salon
  • How to create a business plan and manage finances for profitability
  • How to comply with legal and regulatory requirements for running a beauty parlor business
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Beauty Parlor / Salon Business – Start From Your Home.

Issued on
12 June 2023

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