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How To Start And Establish Your Own Fashion Brand?

Boost your branding abilities to market your brand and advance it on the growth spectrum.

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  • 1
    Course Trailer

    2m 25s

  • 2

    8m 48s

  • 3
    Meet Your Mentor

    2m 51s

  • 4
    Making a Business Plan

    25m 3s

  • 5
    Capital, License, And Registration

    10m 4s

  • 6
    Raw Materials, Equipment and Manpower

    7m 25s

  • 7

    7m 25s

  • 8
    Location, Branding, Marketing, Online & Offline Sales

    8m 54s

  • 9
    Pricing, Expenses, Profit and Accounts Management

    10m 59s

  • 10
    Customer Retention

    9m 36s

  • 11
    Challenges, Future Plans & Suggestions by Mentor

    8m 19s


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