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Candle Making Business - Earn up to 20 Lakh/year

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2 hr 14 min (17 Chapters)
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About course

Anyone wishing to establish their own business or grow their present can take advantage of this opportunity to enroll in the Candle Making Business Course - Earn 20 Lakh/Year. The candle industry is expanding, and there is a significant need for distinctive, premium candles that are trustworthy and useful. Regardless of prior knowledge, anyone can complete this course because it is practical.

Sri Vidya, an experienced mentor who runs her successful candle-making business, named Aura Candles and has more than ten years of experience working in the candle industry, and is the course's instructor.

This course covers the fundamentals of candlemaking and more advanced techniques for producing distinctive, high-quality candles. You will learn about the various candle varieties, supplies, tools, marketing strategies for candles, and how to establish a profitable business.

By enrolling in this course, you will be able to capitalize on the expanding candle market and establish a steady revenue stream. You will also have the option of working independently and from home.

Even though establishing a new business might be intimidating, this course is made to equip you with the knowledge and abilities you need to be successful. To fully appreciate the advantages of the course and discover the opportunities available, we strongly advise you to view the course video.

Chapters in this course
17 Chapters | 2 hr 14 min
5m 8s
Chapter 1

Learn the basics of candle making, understand the market, and explore the potential of this lucrative business.

2m 24s
Chapter 2
Meet your mentor

Get to know your mentor, an experienced candle maker with years of knowledge and expertise in the industry.

10m 34s
Chapter 3
Why candle making business?

Understanding the Market and Demand: Learn about the growing demand for candles and why candle making can be a profitable business venture.

11m 25s
Chapter 4
Business plan for candle making business

Key Elements and Considerations: Develop a comprehensive business plan covering all essential elements, including costs, competition, and marketing strategies.

8m 47s
Chapter 5
Capital & labour requirements

Determine the initial capital required for your candle making business and plan your staffing needs.

4m 32s
Chapter 6
Registration, ownership & licenses

Understand the legal requirements, including registration and licenses, needed to start your candle making business.

5m 11s
Chapter 7
Choosing the location

Factors to Consider for a Successful Candle Making Business: Choose the ideal location for your candle making business based on factors.

16m 39s
Chapter 8
Required raw materials

Learn about the essential raw materials required for candle making, their quality standards, and sourcing options.

9m 19s
Chapter 9
Types of candles

Understanding the Different Varieties and Techniques: Explore the different types of candles.

9m 8s
Chapter 10
Developing a candle concept

From Idea to Product: Learn the process of developing a unique and innovative candle concept from ideation to product development.

12m 36s
Chapter 11
Marketing, brand name, promotion, & exports

Reaching Your Target Audience: Understand how to market your candles, develop a brand name, promote your products, and expand into export markets.

7m 24s
Chapter 12
Selling offline & online

Learn how to establish offline and online sales channels, including brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce platforms, and social media marketing.

8m 6s
Chapter 13
Packing & storage

Understand the best practices for packaging and storing candles to ensure their quality and longevity.

5m 59s
Chapter 14
Pricing & income

Learn how to calculate your costs, set competitive pricing, and achieve optimal profit margins for your candle making business.

8m 32s
Chapter 15
Managing demand & supply chain

Inventory and Order Management: Understand the importance of managing your inventory and orders to ensure smooth business operations and customer satisfaction.

3m 47s
Chapter 16
Accounting(Book keeping)

Financial Management and Record-Keeping: Learn about financial management and record-keeping practices, including bookkeeping, budgeting, and taxation.

2m 39s
Chapter 17
Final words

Get final tips and advice for running a successful and sustainable candle making business, including innovation, customer service, and community engagement.

Who can take up this course?
  • Those seeking to escape the routine of a typical job
  • An artist seeking to expand their mediums
  • Someone who enjoys DIY projects, crafting, and interior design
  • Stay-at-home parents or individuals seeking to earn extra income
  • Entrepreneurs looking to explore new opportunities
What will you learn from the course?
  • Techniques to enhance the aesthetic appeal of candles
  • Tips on how to market and sell your candles
  • Understanding of the candle industry and trends
  • How to make different types of candles
  • Safety guidelines and regulations for candle making
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Candle Making Business - Earn up to 20 Lakh/year

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