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Prawns Farming Course - Earn 10 lakh/year

Learn the ins and outs of prawn farming, from setup to harvest, and earn up to 10 lakhs/year with this course

How To Start Prawns Farming In India?
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  • 1
    Course Trailer

    2m 50s

  • 2
    Introduction of the course

    6m 12s

  • 3
    Introduction of Mentors

    3m 13s

  • 4
    Why shrimp farming?

    18m 53s

  • 5
    Advantages of shrimp farming

    14m 19s

  • 6
    Basic Questions and Required Portfolio

    6m 27s

  • 7
    Shrimp Agriculture Infrastructure

    13m 21s

  • 8
    Shrimp Breeds and Food Management


  • 9
    Shrimp Diseases and pond management

    6m 17s

  • 10
    Shrimp growth and harvested

    4m 5s

  • 11
    Workers requirement and government support

    5m 18s

  • 12
    Market Export and Pricing

    14m 10s

  • 13
    Hopes of the guides

    4m 40s


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