Battala Narayana Balaraju
Battala Narayana Balaraju
Battala Narayana Balaraju
🏭 Karthik Farm and Nursery, Bengaluru Rural / Bangalore Rural
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Integrated Farming
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Meet Mr. Balaraju, who was once a labourer in Bangalore is now a owner of 18-acre nursery. Throughout his career, he has cultivated 1500+ sapling varieties and empowered over 100 individuals in his community.
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Agripreneurship , Integrated Farming
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About Battala Narayana Balaraju

Mr. Balaraju is a prosperous nursery trader. He earns up to 5 lakh rupees every month from his nursery business, which covers 18 acres of land. With an impressive 37 years of experience in this field, he possesses a wealth of knowledge about various aspects of the nursery business. His...

... expertise includes seedling, cultivation, selecting the right seeds, planting and caring for trees, pricing seedlings, marketing, and sales, as well as packing and transporting plants. Additionally, he has a deep understanding of exporting nursery plants directly from Bangalore to foreign countries.

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