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Meet Damodar, a self-made businessman. Having a strong background in agriculture, he transformed his father's land into a thriving 4-acre farm, specializing in Merabul rose cultivation, which he built on his father's land. Connect with him to learn his secrets.
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About Damodhara

Damodhara is a prosperous farmer who earns significant profits through flower cultivation, specializing in Merabul rose farming that yields year-round income. Initially, he worked at a bakery before returning to farming. He grew traditional crops but later found success in Merabul rose cultivation on a small scale. Presently, he cultivates flowers on 6 acres, with 4 acres dedicated...

... to Merabul Roses and the remaining 2 acres supplying Chrysanthemums flowers. Damodhara possesses extensive expertise in flower cultivation, encompassing cultivar selection, climate and soil management, marketing, exports, pricing, and sales. His accomplishments have been recognized with the Pragatipara Raita award from GKVK and the Best Farmer Award from Vijaya Karnataka newspaper.

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