Deepjot Singh Rekhi
Deepjot Singh Rekhi
Deepjot Singh Rekhi
🏭 Sukho International, North Delhi
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Deepjot Singh Rekhi earning crores of rupees every year from tractor spare parts business. He has complete knowledge from manufacturing to retail and from product selection to marketing. Connect with them and know the secret of their success.
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About Deepjot Singh Rekhi

Residing in Delhi, Deepjot Singh Rekhi operates a lucrative tractor spare parts enterprise called "Sukho International", Earning substantial profits annually, Rekhi possesses comprehensive expertise spanning business inception, manufacturing, and retailing of tractor spare parts. Proficient not only in product selection, catalog design, and online marketing, the business also extends its...

... consultancy to diverse fields. Beyond this, Rekhi excels as a triumphant YouTuber, sharing his success journey nationwide through NDTV's "Icons of Bharat" series. Offering distinctive success strategies, Rekhi's guidance appeals to those venturing into tractor spare parts or any manufacturing-retail endeavors. Connect with skilled mentor Deepjot Singh Rekhi to gain invaluable insights and answers.

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