H D Ramesh Sarkar
H D Ramesh Sarkar
H D Ramesh Sarkar
🏭 Sarkar Video Trix, Mysuru / Mysore
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Meet Ramesh Sarkar, a senior photo studio businessman. He is one of the few photographers who shoot for Mercedes-Benz and generates around 2 crores revenue annually. Learn from his remarkable accomplishments.
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About H D Ramesh Sarkar

In the culturally rich city of Mysore, the name Ramesh Sarkar has etched his name there for four decades. Ramesh's journey began with a snapshot from his father's camera during his B.Sc. days, igniting his passion. Converting his home into a studio, he embarked on an uninterrupted...

... 40-year odyssey. His lens captured Mysore's royalty, politicians, and celebrities, instilling pride. Many former associates have ventured into their own studios under his influence. Ramesh's accomplishments stand as a beacon of inspiration, showcasing his indelible mark on the craft.

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