Hemaraj Ratnakar Salian
Hemaraj Ratnakar Salian
Hemaraj Ratnakar Salian
🏭 Hemraj Ratnakar saliyan Farm, Mangalore / Mangaluru
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Fish & Prawns Farming
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Meet Hemraj, a successful cage culture fish farmer from Malki, Mangalore. Over the years, he has gained tremendous experience and expertise in cultivating over 30 fish cages. Connect with Hemraj to learn about his remarkable journey.
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About Hemaraj Ratnakar Salian

Hemraj Ratnakar Salian, a renowned fish farmer, shifted from Mumbai to Mulki, his hometown, and now earns over 3.5 lakhs from a single cage in cage culture fish farming—a rarity in Karnataka. After exploring Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, he mastered this technique, operating 30+...

... successful cages. Hemraj excels in choosing fish species for specific regions and guides in farming practices, feeding, marketing, and connecting with local markets and restaurants. Interested in fish farming? Let Hemraj's expertise pave your path. Join him in transforming your passion into profit.

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