Kantharaju M
Kantharaju M
Kantharaju M
🏭 Kantharaju Sheep & Goat Farm , Chikballapur
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Meet Kantaraju, a progressive farmer with a rich agricultural heritage. He excels in sheep rearing, specializing in Dorper sheep. Kantaraju's expertise spans breeding, sericulture, and dairy farming, making him an ideal mentor for you to learn about farming.
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Sheep & Goat Farming
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About Kantharaju M

Kantaraju, hailing from Chikkaballapur, comes from the family of farmers. With expertise in sheep rearing, he delves into the sub-business of sheep farming. Starting with Dorper sheep from South Africa, he now tends to over 25 Dorper sheep, generating income through breeding. Having...

... nurtured various sheep and goat breeds, including renowned ones like Jamnapuri goats, Kantaraju also excels in sericulture and dairy farming. His multi-faceted approach has earned him recognition as a progressive farmer, augmenting his income and preserving his agricultural heritage.

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