Kowshik Maridi
Kowshik Maridi
Kowshik Maridi
📍 Bengaluru City / Bangalore City, Karnataka
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Kowshik Maridi, a CA and MBA graduate, secured a job at ffreedom app after participating in campus interviews. In 2019, he started "ffreedom money" YouTube channel, gaining 1.5 million subscribers. His fame led to guest interviews on various TV channels.
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About Kowshik Maridi

Kowshik Maridi has gained prominence among YouTube viewers, particularly those inclined towards financial content. Hailing from Bhimavaram city in the West Godavari district, he initially pursued CA studies but later completed his MBA. Following this, he secured a position at the ffreedom app through a campus interview, despite discontinuing his CA studies. Under his own name, he launched a YouTube channel that quickly garnered the...

... affection of viewers. In 2019, Kowshik inaugurated the "ffreedom money" channel, which currently boasts 1.5 million subscribers. The channel is actively dedicated to generating company income. Notably, the channel received accolades in the form of silver and gold play buttons. Kowshik's renown has led to guest appearances on numerous TV channels, serving as an inspiration for those seeking success through hard work and determination.

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