Likith Kella
Likith Kella
Likith Kella
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Meet Hyderabad-based YouTuber Likhit Kella. At the age of 18, he has achieved tremendous success. Balancing studies with content creation, he introduced a unique concept named house-hunting videoes.Connect, learn, and thrive under his guidance.
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Many people start their YouTube channels with different goals in mind: some for work, others for fun, but all with dreams of becoming successful YouTubers. But not everyone achieves this dream. Likith Kella, however, falls into the category of those who did. Initially, Likith created 100 videos but struggled to garner views. It was a wake-up call. They realized that YouTube success isn't guaranteed; it's earned. Understanding that engaging content is the key and learn the art...

... of creating videos that captivate audiences. As Likith's viewers started watching his videos all the way through, they not only learned how to make engaging content but also became an inspiration for aspiring YouTubers. Today, Likith Kella has not only received a silver play button for his YouTube channel but has also amassed an impressive 369,000 subscribers. Their journey serves as a testament to the power of dedication and the potential of YouTube as a platform for success.

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