M V Prakash Rao
M V Prakash Rao
M V Prakash Rao
🏭 Kadu Thota, Shimoga
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Meet Dr M V Prakash Rao, a Medicinal Plant Farmer with 20 years of experience. He supplies a wide range of products to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and perfumery industries. Learn the success tricks from him.
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About M V Prakash Rao

Prakash Rao, a seasoned farmer with over two decades of experience, cultivates 230+ medicinal plants and nuts, earning recognition as an "Innovative Farmer" awardee. Even in his 60's, he remains dedicated to his agricultural pursuits, tending to a diverse range of crops...

... including areca nut and pepper. Through collaborations with pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and perfume industries, he prospers by supplying his quality medicinal plants. Notably, his exports reach multiple nations, spanning the Gulf, Asia, Philippines, and the United States.

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