Nilesh Anil Jadhav
Nilesh Anil Jadhav
Nilesh Anil Jadhav
🏭 Nilesh Farm, Pune / Poona
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Meet Nilesh Jadha an expert in beetal goat farming with 12 years of experience, specializing in high-yield milk, premium meat, and fine suede. Learn how beetel goat farming can help you thrive in animal husbandry, breeding, and product sales.
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About Nilesh Anil Jadhav

Nilesh Jadhav, a seasoned goat farmer with over 12 years of expertise, stands as a beacon in the realm of goat rearing. His remarkable contributions have not only inspired newcomers but have also garnered nationwide recognition. Profoundly versed in animal husbandry, maintenance, breeding, and product trade, his knowledge holds immense potential to benefit you. Nilesh Anil Jadhav's name is synonymous with...

... entrepreneurship and mastery, a national icon showcased on NDTV's renowned series 'Icons of Bharat.' His extensive experience positions him as a leader in the field, having mentored numerous farmers in animal husbandry, nutrition, breeding, and product strategies. Our mentors are dedicated to sharing their insights, making him your ideal guide for venturing into or enhancing goat farming and animal husbandry pursuits.

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