Nitin Kumar Singh
Nitin Kumar Singh
Nitin Kumar Singh
🏭 Royal HoneyBee and Farming , Perambalur
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Meet Dr Nitin Singh, a beekeeping expert generating over ₹50 lakhs through his brand, Royal Honey Bee Farming. His years of knowledge and experience, has established himself as a successful entrepreneur and sought-after mentor in this field.
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Agripreneurship , Honey Bee Farming
Agripreneurship- Advance Guide To Honey Bee Farming
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About Nitin Kumar Singh

Dr. Nitin Singh, a celebrated Agripreneur hailing from Uttar Pradesh, holds a Biotechnology PhD. He reaps crores annually through beekeeping, trading honey and its derivatives under "Royal Honey Bee & Farming". Having coached 700+ enthusiasts, he specializes in forming food processing units, and marketing...

... beekeeping yields. With their mentorship, one can grasp diverse apiculture tactics augmenting revenue. Their mission is to empower farmers for entrepreneurial triumphs. Thinking about Agripreneurship? Dr. Nitin Singh's guidance can crystallize agribusiness aspirations. Collaborate for paramount achievement in your domain.

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