Rishabh Dwivedi
Rishabh Dwivedi
Rishabh Dwivedi
🏭 ProPure Farms, Lucknow / Lakhnau
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Meet Rishabh Dwivedi, an agricultural expert in broccoli farming. His innovative techniques have revolutionized farming, inspiring many. He was even featured on NDTV's show "Icons of Bharat." Learn from him now.
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About Rishabh Dwivedi

Rishabh Dwivedi, an exemplar for farmers, hails from Lucknow and holds an M.Tech in Food and Nutrition. He has thrived as a Vegetable Farming entrepreneur for 3 years, reaping approximately Rs. 3 lakh per acre. Adept in farming and communication, Rishabh embarked on broccoli cultivation to secure a promising future for...

... himself and his community. Starting with a modest 10,000 sq.ft., he has burgeoned into a respected business figure. Rishabh's sagacity and mentoring prowess shine, acknowledged through a Business of Lucknow interview and Nav Lucknow Patrika feature. His journey graced NDTV's Icons of India, where he motivates aspiring agripreneurs.

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