Sachin K S
Sachin K S
Sachin K S
🏭 Sri Mallikarjuna Poultry and Hatchery, Shimoga
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Poultry Farming
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Meet Sachin KS, a remarkable farmer from Shimoga. He overcame challenges to establish Swarnadhara Poultry Farming, Sri Mallikarjuna Poultry and Hatchery & achieving Best Farmer recognition. Learn from his journey in poultry and holistic farming practices.
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About Sachin K S

Sachin KS, a farmer from Shimoga district, stands out for his achievements. After leaving his hometown to pursue education and work in Bangalore, he returned with a vision. Despite initial challenges as a distributor, he ventured into poultry farming after training at GKVK, Bangalore. Sachin established Swarnadhara...

... Poultry Farming and Mallikarjuna Poultry and Hatchery, successfully raising various chicken breeds like Giriraja and Aseel. From a modest start of 25 chicks, he now sells 2500 hatchery chicks annually, gaining substantial income. His holistic farming approach earned him recognition and the prestigious Best Farmer Award.

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