Saumya Jain
Saumya Jain
Saumya Jain
🏭 Saumya Organic, New Delhi
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Saumya Jain, who has been successfully running her home beauty products business for the last 5 years, she has complete knowledge of all aspects from manufacturing to selling of products. Learn from her the tricks nad hacks of beauty business
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About Saumya Jain

Saumya Jain has been successfully running her home-based beauty products business for the past five years. She's the proud owner of her brand, 'Saumya Organics,' which she initiated from her home. What's impressive is that she kick-started this profitable venture while still pursuing her college studies. Our mentors are seasoned experts in crafting personalized...

... homemade beauty products. They've gained recognition for their brand by leveraging social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, expanding their customer base across different parts of the country. Saumya's remarkable journey even caught the attention of NDTV's renowned show, 'Icons of Bharat,' where she showcased her talent, inspiring people worldwide.

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