Trupti Bhushan Dhakate
Trupti Bhushan Dhakate
Trupti Bhushan Dhakate
🏭 Quality Mushroom, Pune / Poona
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Mushroom Farming
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Tripti Dhakate, an expert in mushroom cultivation, earns up to 15 lakh rupees annually. She possesses comprehensive knowledge of cultivating mushrooms, creating value-added products, packaging, branding, and marketing them.
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About Trupti Bhushan Dhakate

Tripti Dakate, a gold medalist in M.Sc., is a seasoned mushroom cultivator with over 3.5 years of experience. She has established her brand, ""Quality Mushrooms,"" and has not only excelled in growing mushrooms but also educated students in this field. Tripti is a true expert in mushroom cultivation, covering every aspect from growth and maintenance to harvesting, storage, packaging, and marketing. Her success story is an inspiring example for young women...

... entrepreneurs, showcasing how farm produce can be transformed into lucrative products, yielding substantial earnings. Tripti doesn't stop at farming; she possesses comprehensive knowledge of creating value-added mushroom products, their packaging, storage, branding, and effective marketing, including social media strategies. Tripti Dakate's achievements have even earned her a place on NDTV's renowned show ""Icons of Bharat,"" where she shared her expertise with the world.

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