Udhaya Kiruthiga Ramesh Sundar
Udhaya Kiruthiga Ramesh Sundar
Udhaya Kiruthiga Ramesh Sundar
🏭 Kiki's Beauty Blush, Tiruchirappalli / Trichy
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Meet Krithika, an entrepreneur who conquered COVID-19 challenges. From online clothes and jewellery sales to starting a successful business with Kiki Beauty Blush, she provides you with the knowledge and guidance you need to start for a successful parlour business.
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About Udhaya Kiruthiga Ramesh Sundar

Krithika, hailing from Trichy, excels in the beauty parlor sector, despite her 10 to 20-year hiatus. Unwilling to invest 50 to 60 lakhs, she previously ran a saree business until the pandemic hit. Faced with declining saree sales, she transitioned to the beauty parlor industry after...

... considering her options. Opting for online beauty parlor courses, she launched a home-based parlor with a modest investment. Surprisingly, her earnings surpassed expectations. Krithika showcases how married women can thrive economically from home, exemplifying empowerment through entrepreneurship.

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