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Fashion Accessories Business - Earn up to 20 lakh per Year

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1 hr 3 min (10 Chapters)
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About course

The Fashion Accessories Business Course offered on the ffreedom app is an all-inclusive guide for individuals seeking to start and operate a profitable fashion accessories business. The course's curriculum encompasses all the important aspects of the fashion accessories business, including sourcing and selecting products, marketing and selling accessories, and managing the financial aspects of the business. 

The course also offers many business ideas for fashion accessories, such as opening an online store, a physical fashion accessories store, or even a wholesale fashion accessories business. The course will give you a thorough understanding of the fashion accessories industry in India and how to start a business that will thrive in the market.

One of the primary advantages of starting a fashion accessories business is that it can be initiated with minimal investment. Individuals can start a business and earn a profit with a small investment. As the business grows, the profit potential also increases.

In conclusion, the Fashion Accessories Business Course on the ffreedom app is an excellent resource for anyone looking to start a fashion accessories business in India. With detailed information on all aspects of the industry and the mentorship of Ms. Navneet, this course is an ideal way to learn how to earn a profit from a fashion accessories business and start a successful fashion brand. It is an excellent opportunity for individuals passionate about fashion to turn their passion into a profitable business.

Chapters in this course
10 Chapters | 1 hr 3 min
7m 49s
Chapter 1

Overview of the course and what to expect in terms of learning outcomes.

Chapter 2
Meet Your Mentor

Introduction to the course instructor, their qualifications, and experience in the fashion accessories business.

6m 58s
Chapter 3
Fashion accessories Store Business- Basic Questions

Exploring the basics of starting a fashion accessories store, including market research and identifying your target audience.

5m 9s
Chapter 4
Capital requirements, Loan, Government Facilities & Insurance

Discussing the financial aspect of starting a business, including funding options and government support available.

7m 34s
Chapter 5
Location , Registrations, Permissions, Licenses & Ownership

Identifying and securing the right location for your business, as well as obtaining necessary licenses and registrations.

10m 26s
Chapter 6
Products, Infrastructure, Procurement, Staff and Packaging

Setting up your fashion accessories store, including product selection, infrastructure, procurement, and staffing.

6m 44s
Chapter 7
Pricing, Finance, Expenses & Profit

Understanding the financial side of your business, including pricing strategy, expenses, and profit margins.

5m 16s
Chapter 8
Marketing & Branding

Develop an effective marketing strategy and build a strong brand for your fashion accessories store.

4m 14s
Chapter 9
Sales and Managing Customers

Maximizing sales and providing excellent customer service to retain customers.

5m 38s
Chapter 10
Challenges & Suggestions by Mentor

Overcoming obstacles and challenges that may arise in the fashion accessories business, with guidance and advice from the course instructor.

Who can take up this course?
  • Individuals who are passionate about fashion and want to start their own business in the industry
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to learn more about this industry and how to start a successful business
  • People who want to learn how to source and select products, market and sell accessories
  • Anyone looking to start a small business with minimal investment and the potential for profit growth
  • Individuals who want to learn from an experienced fashion entrepreneur and gain hands-on experience
What will you learn from the course?
  • Starting and running a fashion accessories business, including market research, product development, and branding
  • Strategies for sourcing materials and manufacturing products
  • Techniques for pricing, marketing, and selling products
  • How to create and manage an online store and utilize e-commerce platforms
  • Ways to build and maintain relationships with wholesale and retail customers
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Fashion Accessories Business - Earn up to 20 lakh per Year

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