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Smart Business Management: Secrets to Build a Smart Business

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7 hr 40 min (28 Chapters)
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About course

Welcome to the Smart Business Management course on the ffreedom app! This practical and replicable course reveals the secrets to building a successful and smart business. Gain the skills to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape with confidence and unlock your potential for growth and profitability.

Covering essential topics such as finance, funding, and smart business management, this course equips you with the necessary tools to make informed decisions and implement smart business ideas. Learn to analyze financial statements, understand cash flow, and avoid common mistakes made by business owners, ensuring that you can make your business profitable and sustainable.

Discover the secrets to success and gain the ability to monitor and evaluate your business's progress across various departments using smart goals. By setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound objectives, you can ensure that your business stays on track and reaps the benefits of smart goal-setting.

Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur looking to start a business or an existing business owner seeking smart business management strategies, this course provides valuable insights and actionable strategies to drive your business forward. With the knowledge gained from this course, you'll be equipped to make intelligent decisions that lead to success.

Led by Chinmay Ananda, an experienced mentor in the field of business management, this course offers guidance from someone who understands the intricacies of smart business management. Chinmay's expertise and industry knowledge will help you navigate challenges and seize opportunities, setting you up for success in the competitive market.

Join us now on the ffreedom app and unlock the potential of your business. Learn from the best and gain the skills to build a smart business that thrives in today's competitive market. Don't miss out on this transformative opportunity. Start watching the course today and pave the way to your entrepreneurial success. Get ready to make your business smarter and more profitable than ever before!

Chapters in this course
28 Chapters | 7 hr 40 min
15m 17s
Chapter 1
Introduction to SBM - Money Program

Lay a Solid Foundation in Smart Business Management, the Secrets to Financial Success!

18m 25s
Chapter 2
Misunderstanding Numbers & Finance

Decode the language of numbers and get financial flow for business prosperity.

24m 5s
Chapter 3
The Five Critical Things Every Business Owner Should Know

Gain the information you need to thrive in the competitive business landscape.

15m 13s
Chapter 4
Using Business as a Vehicle

Make the most of the power of your business to drive growth, impact and personal fulfillment for your company.

Chapter 5
Obtaining Funding to Start a Business

Adopt strategies to secure funding and turn your business dreams into reality.

37m 39s
Chapter 6
10 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Business

Avoid costly mistakes by asking the right questions at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey.

16m 28s
Chapter 7
Understanding Financial Statements

Gain a comprehensive understanding of financial statements and leverage them to make informed decisions.

23m 43s
Chapter 8
Understanding the Balance Sheet

Decode the balance sheet and use its insights to make strategic decisions.

34m 17s
Chapter 9
Understanding the Profit & Loss Statement

of businessMaster the art of analyzing profit and loss statements to drive profitability.

27m 8s
Chapter 10
Preparing Financial Statements

SmartBusiness Management Learn how to prepare accurate and reliable financial statements for management.

22m 33s
Chapter 11
Understanding Break-even Point, Profit & Cash

BusinessExplore the key metrics that impact the success of a company and make appropriate decisions.

18m 34s
Chapter 12
Understanding the Cash Flow Statement

Understand the secrets of effectively managing cash flow to ensure business stability and growth.

11m 30s
Chapter 13
The First Common Mistake Made in a Business

Learn to avoid early pitfalls that can hinder business success.

24m 6s
Chapter 14
The Second Common Mistake Made in a Business

Avoid common errors and gain a competitive advantage in the business world.

11m 53s
Chapter 15
The Third Common Mistake Made in a Business

Overcome challenges and avoid mistakes that can hinder business growth.

10m 14s
Chapter 16
The Fourth Common Mistake Made in a Business

Learn from past missteps and establish a solid foundation for success.

7m 54s
Chapter 17
The Fifth Common Mistake Made in a Business

Navigate potential setbacks and take advantage of opportunities for long-term prosperity.

5m 45s
Chapter 18
The Sixth Common Mistake Made in a Business

Avoid common losses and optimize efficiency in business operations.

8m 33s
Chapter 19
The Seventh Common Mistake Made in a Business

Gain insights to make sound decisions and achieve sustained business success.

5m 41s
Chapter 20
The Eighth Common Mistake Made in a Business

Remove barriers to business growth and enhance decision-making skills.

7m 45s
Chapter 21
The Ninth Common Mistake Made in a Business

Maximize productivity and efficiency by avoiding common pitfalls.

6m 6s
Chapter 22
The Tenth Common Mistake Made in a Business

Learn the strategies needed to overcome challenges and achieve business goals.

15m 26s
Chapter 23
The First Secret of Building a Smart Business

Learn the fundamental secret to building a thriving and sustainable business.

16m 3s
Chapter 24
The Second Secret of Building a Smart Business

Discover the one transformational strategy that sets successful businesses apart.

15m 5s
Chapter 25
The Third Secret of Building a Smart Business

Unlock another important secret to achieving long-term business success.

22m 59s
Chapter 26
The Fourth Secret of Building a Smart Business

Take advantage of this one powerful trick that will help your business to succeed.

8m 39s
Chapter 27
The Fifth Secret of Building a Smart Business

Identify and implement game-changing strategies to ensure continued growth and innovation in your organization.

9m 34s
Chapter 28
Monitoring the Seven Departments Constantly

Learn how to effectively monitor and manage the performance of key business departments within your organization.

Who can take up this course?
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to build a solid foundation for their business
  • Existing business owners aiming to enhance their management and financial skills
  • Professionals transitioning into entrepreneurship and wanting to start a smart business
  • Individuals interested in understanding the secrets behind successful business management
  • Anyone looking to gain practical knowledge and strategies for business growth
What will you learn from the course?
  • Demystify numbers and finance for effective business decision-making
  • Master the art of obtaining funding and asking the right questions before starting a business
  • Understand and analyze financial statements like the balance sheet and profit & loss statement
  • Avoid common mistakes made in business with practical strategies and insights
  • Discover the secrets to building a smart business and monitoring its progress across departments
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Smart Business Management: Secrets to Build a Smart Business

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